NTHS LAPSEN Endorsement

Exclusive recognition for Career & Technology Education students enrolled in Law & Public Safety coursework through the NTHS LAPSEN Endorsement.

The National Technical Honor Society is excited to partner with the Law & Public Safety Education Network (LAPSEN) to enhance recognition for Career & Technical Education students enrolled in Law & Public Safety coursework.

What is the LAPSEN Endorsement?
NTHS serves as the honor society for Career and Technical Education and provides national recognition for students excelling in their CTE programs. The LAPSEN Endorsement offers students in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (LPSCS) Career Cluster an opportunity to add industry specific recognition to their membership for their performance in the LPSCS field. For only $10/member, students are automatically entered into the LAPSEN scholarship and will enjoy the benefits shown below.


The LAPSEN Endorsement is offered exclusively with NTHS membership and can be added to qualified members by their NTHS advisor for $10. Students receive:

  • All NTHS Member Benefits
    • NTHS Membership portfolio, pin and tassel
    • Access to nearly $300,000 in scholarships
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Partner Discounts
    • Add-on access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal
  • LAPSEN Endorsement emblem on your NTHS membership certificate
  • Automatic entry for the $500 LAPSEN Endorsement scholarship
  • LAPSEN Endorsement diploma seal
  • LAPSEN Endorsement bumper sticker
  • Qualify for the exclusive LAPSEN Medallion (available to current or newly endorsed members).

Eligibilty Requirements

Students must first meet NTHS eligibility requirements and either concurrently join NTHS or already be a member of NTHS in good standing. The chapter’s NTHS advisor may then nominate and submit the student for the LAPSEN Endorsement if they meet the following LAPSEN criteria:

  • 85 or higher on a numeric scale or a 3.0 GPA in all Law & Public Safety courses
  • 75 or higher on a numeric scale or a 2.0 GPA overall for all coursework
  • Recommendation of their current or previous Law & Public Safety instructor
  • Completed at least 1.5 units (courses) of Law & Public Safety coursework
  • No disciplinary actions in the last year

The LAPSEN Endorsement is offered in conjunction with NTHS membership. If your school does not have a chapter, you can charter one at no cost today.


LAPSEN is the premier support organization for the Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Cluster in secondary education. It exists to help develop and support LPSCS career education programs through curriculum development, student and instructor certifications, instructor training, program assessment and certification, and assistance in growing LPSCS career programs. Learn more at LAPSEN.org.


Adding the LAPSEN Endorsement - For Advisors

Only advisors may add LAPSEN Endorsements in the advisor portal either when registering students or by clicking the “Endorsements” tab.

Students must either be:

  • new members or
  • previously submitted NTHS members.

When registering new NTHS members, simply click the “LAPSEN Endorsement” checkbox at the bottom of the “Add New Member” page or next to the student’s name on the registration list page. The endorsement will automatically be added to your shopping cart for selected members when checking out.

For previously submitted members, login to the advisor portal and click the “Endorsements/Add-Ons” icon. Simply check the “LAPSEN Endorsement” box next to the names of the students you want to add. When finished, click the “Submit Endorsements” button and you will be taken to the checkout page.

Note: You can sort your list by Graduation Date or Name to help expedite finding your members.


The LAPSEN Medallion

The LAPSEN Medallion is a custom piece of regalia to honor those who have received the LAPSEN Endorsement. The LAPSEN Medallion is only available for those NTHS members who have already received the LAPSEN Endorsement or who are currently being submitted for the LAPSEN Endorsement.*

Symbolism of the Medallion
The medallion is a great way to show student achievement at graduation, induction, and awards ceremonies. This double-sided, die-struck medallion features the LAPSEN Seal on the front and the NTHS Shield on the back. The neck ribbon is comprised of five color bands, each representing a different area of service in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Securities Career Cluster. Red for fire service, gold for legal services, blue for law enforcement, white for medical services, and purple for NTHS.

Ordering the Medallion
*Please note, orders cannot be placed for the LAPSEN medallion unless a student has been or is being submitted for the LAPSEN Endorsement. If you are a student, please ensure that your advisor has submitted you for the LAPSEN Endorsement before placing an individual order. Advisors, you may submit your LAPSEN Endorsements and order medallions at the same time or order medallions after you have submitted your LAPSEN Endorsements.