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About the Partnership & LAPSEN
The National Technical Honor Society is excited to announce a new partnership with the Law & Public Safety Education Network (LAPSEN) to enhance recognition for Career & Technical Education students enrolled in Law & Public Safety coursework.

NTHS serves as the honor society for Career and Technical Education and by being recognized as a member of NTHS, students know their efforts to excel in their pathway have been recognized at a national level. With the opportunity to qualify for the LAPSEN endorsement on their NTHS membership, students in a Law & Public Safety pathway are now getting industry specific recognition for their performance in that field.

LAPSEN is the premiere support organization for the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Career Cluster (LPSCS) in secondary education. It exists help develop and support LPSCS career education programs through curriculum development, students and instructor certifications, instructor training, program assessment and certification, and assistance in developing and improving LPSCS career programs. Learn more at

What is the LAPSEN Endorsement?
(Available December 1!)

The LAPSEN endorsement provides additional recognition for students who have excelled in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (LPSCS) Career Cluster and meet the rigor standards established by LAPSEN, in addition to their NTHS member requirements. With LAPSEN being a leading national organization focused on developing quality LPSCS programs that prepare students for careers in those fields, the endorsement signals a students’ dedication and commitment to excellence in Law & Public Safety.

How to Qualify
Students must first meet NTHS eligibility requirements and be nominated to join NTHS or currently be a member of NTHS in good standing.
The student must also meet the following LAPSEN requirements:

  1. 85 or higher on a numeric scale or a 3.0 GPA in all Law & Public Safety courses
  2. 75 or higher on a numeric scale or a 2.0 GPA overall for all coursework
  3. Recommendation of their current or previous Law & Public Safety instructor
  4. Completed at least 1.5 units of Law & Public Safety coursework
  5. No disciplinary actions in the last year

If the above requirements are met the student and/or advisor may select the LAPSEN Endorsement as an add-on to the students’ membership for an additional $10.

Students receiving the LAPSEN endorsement will have access to the following benefits:

  • All NTHS Member Benefits
    • NTHS Membership portfolio
    • Access to nearly $300,000 in scholarships
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Partner Discounts
    • Opportunity to access the NTHS Career Readiness Portal which includes career exploration tools, employability skills training and micro-credentials, and employer connections (coming early 2021).
  • Access to the LAPSEN Network benefits
  • LAPSEN Endorsement seal on your NTHS membership certificate
  • LAPSEN Endorsement diploma seal
  • LAPSEN Endorsement bumper sticker
  • LAPSEN Endorsement Member Only Scholarships
  • Ability to wear LAPSEN graduation regalia – the LAPSEN Endorsement medallion will be available Winter of 2020.