Your future is too important. Don’t wait – start planning for your career now with the NTHS Career Readiness Portal (CRP), your one-stop shop for career planning resources and guidance.

From resume-building to interest assessments and micro-credentials, anyone can use CRP tools to better prepare for their future career.

Advisors can add CRP access to their members or individual student members can purchase their own CRP access for just $5 annually per member.

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Personality & Learning Style Assessments that help match you to possible careers Use the Resume Builder to generate a personalized formatted resume based on your experience & skills
Career & Postsecondary Exploration to discover career pathways and training programs Use the Online Portfolio as a central location to store all of your career & academic planning in one place.
Financial Resources, including a scholarship database with over 23K Scholarships Connect with local businesses for Work-Based Learning Opportunities (WBL) like Internships & Job Shadowing

“The truth is most students choose a job they’re interested in based on either a ‘dream job’ (like professional sports or movie star) or something they have experience with— often what their mom or dad does for a living. Few students, even the older ones, know their own strengths and personality traits—much less how those traits might align with various career pathways.”


Carly Woolfolk, Dinwiddie Public Schools

Employability Skills Micro-Credential

A 2015 Wall Street Journal survey of nine hundred executives found that 89 percent have a very or somewhat difficult time finding job candidates with the requisite soft skills.

Developed in partnership with MajorClarity, this course provides foundational knowledge and awareness of essential employability skills for the workplace. Any student who has access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal can take the micro-credential course.

Micro-Credential Course Outline

Students will earn a certificate and digital badge by completing the NTHS Employability Skills Micro-Credential on the Career Readiness Portal.

The NTHS Employability Micro-Credential…

  • is completely self-paced
  • averages 5-12 minutes per module
  • is a total of 3-4 hours of instruction
  • can be accessed from PC or mobile devices

ADVISORS - How to get access for your students

Advisors may add CRP Access to student memberships in the advisor portal either when registering students or by clicking the “Endorsements & Add-Ons” tab. The cost per member, per year is $5.

When registering new NTHS members, simply click the “Career Readiness Portal Add-On” checkbox at the bottom of the “Add New Member” page or next to the student’s name on the registration list page. The add-on will automatically be added to your shopping cart for selected members when checking out.

For previously submitted members, login to the advisor portal and click the “Endorsements & Add-Ons” icon. Simply check the “CRP” box next to the names of the students you want to add. When finished, click the “Submit Endorsements” button and you will be taken to the checkout page.

Note: You can sort your list by Graduation Date or Name to help expedite finding your members.


STUDENTS - How to get individual member access

Any Current NTHS Member or Alumni Member can purchase access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal at any time. Access is good for 12 months from the date of purchase. To add-on CRP to your membership, click the button below to sign up and pay. The cost per member, per year is $5.