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NTHS Career Readiness Portal
The NTHS Career Readiness Portal is an outstanding member benefit add-on* that will help students prepare for their career and continued education. Powered by MajorClarity, a company leading the way in cutting edge career exploration solutions, this tool provides students access to a variety of career readiness resources that have helped hundreds of thousands of students prepare for their next step. Find details on what is included, pricing information and how to sign up below.

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*Please note, this is a member benefit add-on to enhance member benefits. Any NTHS member who has paid their normal membership dues can already apply for NTHS Scholarships, get letters of recommendation, and access all regular NTHS member benefits.

What do Students Get?
The NTHS Career Readiness Portal uses the comprehensive MajorClarity platform with integrated features that will help students not only explore career pathways and educational opportunities, but also earn micro-credentials, search scholarships, build an online portfolio and even connect with employers. When students log in to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal, they will have access to:

Career Interest Inventories and Learning Styles Assessments

These quick assessments are one of the first steps in helping students identify and explore careers that would be of greatest interest and relevance to them. Upon completion of each assessment, student results are used to adjust their FIT score, which highlights career paths that may be of greatest interest for them.

Career Path Exploration

There are 65 different Career Paths for students to explore with experiential learning activities, industry expert video interviews, and countless occupations listed under them to explore. Each career path gives students and idea of the type of work involved in that area and the education and certifications needed. When they explore occupations under a path, students will see examples of common tasks, work styles, salary ranges and growth outlook, along with the types of abilities and knowledge needed to be successful in that occupation.

Custom Fit Score for Career Interests

  • Student feedback from the assessments helps create a custom Fit score to highlight career paths that most closely align with the student’s interests and aptitudes.
  • Fit scores are adjusted as students complete activities in different career paths, providing feedback about what does and doesn’t interest them.

Scholarship Database with Over 23,000 Scholarships

Students can search a nationwide database of over 23,000 scholarships with over 12 different search criteria to find exactly what they are looking for.
*Please note, this is in addition to the NTHS scholarships you already have access to with your NTHS membership. You can apply for NTHS specific scholarships without the Career Readiness Portal add-on.

NTHS Employability Skill Micro-Credential

In partnership, NTHS and MajorClarity developed the NTHS Employability Skill micro-credential course to help students gain foundational knowledge and awareness of essential employability skills for the workplace. Designed with input from industry and education, this self-paced micro-credential walks students through 21 interactive modules that culminate in the micro-credentialing assessment. Learn more about the NTHS Employability Skills Micro-Credential here.

Occupation Specific Micro-Credentials

Students will be able to earn micro-credentials in a variety of different occupational areas as part of MajorClarity’s expanding catalog. Currently, micro-credentials in cyber-security, software programming, and HVAC are available, with 4 more being added this fall.

Resume & Cover Letter Builder

Students can build their own resumes and cover letters with the easy-to-use builders that allow students to enter their information and generate a resume or cover letter with the click of a button.

Online Portfolio

Students will be able to build an online portfolio that will ensure they have all of the information they need for college applications and job interviews in one place. They can upload documents, track career and college opportunities of interest, track scholarship and job applications, and more.

Develop a Career Plan

Students can set goals and objectives, track their progress and activities, and record credentials, certifications and test scores to help keep them moving towards their career objectives.

Postsecondary Exploration

Students can explore and track their application progress with over 7,000 certificate programs, 2-year institutions, and 4-year institutions across the country to find the best option for their career path.

Explore Employment and Work-Based Learning Opportunities (coming fall of 2021)

  • Students currently have access to search a database of work-based Learning opportunities in the portal through Indeed.
  • Fall of 2021, NTHS will be launching its own employer portal where students will be able to search and connect with NTHS partner employers who are offering internships, work-based learning, job shadowing and employment opportunities. They will even be able to apply right through the portal!

The content for the NTHS Career Readiness Portal is written for a 9-12 grade level; however, the tools and resources are applicable for postsecondary students as well.

Cost & How to Add Access
The NTHS Career Readiness Portal can be added to any NTHS membership (new, current, or alumni) for only $5 annually per student. Access is good for 12 months from the date of purchase. Students can purchase access individually or a chapter/school may purchase access for their NTHS members. Click here for purchasing details.

Who Can Use The NTHS Career Readiness Portal?
Students and Alumni
Any new, current, or alumni NTHS member can purchase access individually. A chapter or school may also choose to purchase access to the Portal for its NTHS members. Click here for details on purchasing access as an individual or as a chapter.

NTHS Advisors
NTHS advisors can also engage with their students via the NTHS Career Readiness Portal powered by MajorClarity. If advisors have NTHS members who are using the portal, advisors can have access to see student progress in the portal, send out surveys, communicate, or assist with work-based learning and employment references. The NTHS Career Readiness Portal will be a great tool to assist with:

  • Chapter Meetings
  • Chapter Officer Training
  • Classroom Instruction

Throughout the year, NTHS will be releasing mini-lesson plans designed specifically for your chapter and to help you take full advantage of access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal. MajorClarity already has some lesson plans in place to help you utilize the Portal in your classroom.

What If My School/District Already Uses MajorClarity
Great! If your school or district already has system-wide access to the regular MajorClarity platform, you can take advantage of many of these benefits right now. The NTHS Employability Skills Micro-Credential is already available to you. In the fall of 2021, when NTHS launches its Employer Portal, we encourage you sign up at that point to engage with a network of NTHS Partner Employers to help connect you with career opportunities.

There are two ways that NTHS members can gain access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal powered by MajorClarity. A member can either purchase access on their own, or a school/chapter can purchase it for their NTHS members. The cost is $5 per student. See below for instructions.

Individual Member Purchase

Any NTHS member or alumni can purchase access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal at any time for just $5 per year. Access is good for 12 months from the date of purchase with the option to renew each year. To add access now:

Chapter Purchase

NTHS chapters can purchase access for their new or existing members. The cost is $5 per student. The NTHS Chapter can choose to pay for one year and students can renew on their own if they like, or you may choose to provide access as long as they are enrolled at your school.

New Members
Access for new members can be added as you complete your new member order (note that access must be added for all members in your order in this method):

  • Once you click “Process” for a new member order, you will be taken to your shopping cart.
  • In your shopping cart, click “Add NTHS Career Readiness Portal Access” at the top of the page.
  • Enter the number of members that you are submitting*
    *You must enter the same number as the number of new members you are submitting for membership. If only a few members want to add access, direct them to the “Individual Member Purchase” option above).
  • Click “Add to cart” and complete the checkout process.
  • Students will receive a link to login within 48 hours of submission.

Previously Submitted Members
If you would like to purchase access for previously submitted members:

  • Download and complete the Portal Upload Spreadsheet
  • Email the spreadsheet to Peyton Holland
  • We will send you an invoice to complete the payment process.
  • Students will receive a link to login within 48 hours of payment.

In partnership, NTHS and MajorClarity developed the NTHS Employability Skill micro-credential to help students gain foundational knowledge and awareness of essential employability skills for the workplace. Any student who has access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal can take the micro-credential.

Why is this needed?
Employers across the country continue to tell us that, just as significant as the technical skills gap, is the employability skills gap. A 2015 Wall Street Journal survey of nine hundred executives found that 89 percent have a very or somewhat difficult time finding job candidates with the requisite soft skills.

A report from the Society of Human Resource Management shows problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, and communication as being the top missing soft skills in job candidates.

A person’s ability to engage effectively in the workplace and to understand the intrapersonal, cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to be successful are essential to building a successful career.

How was it developed?
The development of this micro-credential was done in conjunction with input from industry, secondary and postsecondary educators, and informed by research that has been done by leading education and workforce associations and institutions.

The micro-credential was built with a focus on six core competencies that stem from the critical employability skill categories of Interpersonal, Cognitive, and Intrapersonal skills. Those six core competencies were then broken down into 21 sub-competencies that were developed into interactive and measurable modules.

Micro-Credential Content and Completion Time
The micro-credential was designed to be a self-paced program for students to do on their own or it can be used as part of chapter activities or classroom instruction. The content is broken down into smaller sections so that students can complete segments at their own pace. Their progress is saved so that they can pause mid-module if needed and pick back up where they left off.

Students can access the modules on any computer or smart device from anywhere at any time.

Each module only takes 5 to 12 minutes to complete and it should only take a total of 3-4 hours to complete the micro-credential. Each module has a brief check for understanding assessment that students must pass to proceed to the next module. There is a final assessment at the end that students must pass in order to receive their micro-credential certificate and digital badge.

Once students complete the course and pass the assessment, they are awarded the NTHS Employability Skills micro-credential certificate, as well as a digital badge in the Career Readiness Portal.

NTHS Employability Skills Micro-Credential Course Outline