Exclusive recognition for students enrolled in Automotive, Collision, and Diesel programs through the NTHS ASE Endorsement.

The National Technical Honor Society is excited to partner with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to enhance recognition for Career & Technical Education (CTE) students enrolled in automotive, collision, and diesel programs.

For over 50 years, ASE has promoted excellence in vehicle repair, service, and parts distribution by testing and certifying automotive professionals. NTHS, having served as the honor society for Career & Technical Education for nearly 40 years, is proud to work together with ASE in recognizing and supporting excellence in automotive education.

What is the ASE Endorsement?

The ASE Endorsement offers students in automotive, collision, and diesel programs an opportunity to add industry-specific recognition to their membership for their performance in their transportation-related field.  The ASE Endorsement can be added to current or newly inducted NTHS members* who are enrolled in an ASE-accredited program and have passed at least one ASE Entry Level Certification in the area in which the program is accredited.

NTHS members who meet the qualifications and add the ASE Endorsement to their membership can choose from the custom ASE/NTHS Cord ($20), ASE/NTHS Stole ($25), or both the Cord and Stole ($45).  Endorsed members will be automatically entered for an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship in addition to their regular NTHS benefits

*NTHS membership dues ($30/one-time) must be paid before or in conjunction with the ASE Endorsement fee.


The ASE Endorsement is offered exclusively with NTHS membership* and can be added to any qualifying dues-paying member by their NTHS advisor. There are three different ASE Endorsement regalia options to choose from. Options are ASE/NTHS Cord, ASE/NTHS Stole, or both the Cord and Stole. Students who join NTHS and receive the ASE Endorsement have access to:

  • All NTHS Member Benefits
    • NTHS Membership portfolio, pin, and tassel
    • Access to nearly $300,000 in scholarship opportunities
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Partner Programs and Discounts
    • Add-on access to the NTHS Career Readiness Portal
  • Automatic entry for the $500 ASE Endorsement scholarship
  • Custom ASE/NTHS Regalia Item: Cord ($20), Stole ($25), Cord & Stole Combo ($45)

*NTHS membership dues ($30/one-time) must be paid before or in conjunction with the ASE Endorsement fee.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must first meet NTHS eligibility requirements and either concurrently join NTHS or already be a member of NTHS in good standing. The chapter’s NTHS advisor may then nominate and submit the student for the ASE Endorsement if they meet the following ASE criteria:

  • Be enrolled in an ASE-accredited automotive, collision, or diesel program
  • Pass at least one ASE Entry Level Certification in the area in which the program is accredited

The ASE Endorsement is offered in conjunction with NTHS membership. If your school does not have a chapter, you can charter one at no cost today.

About ASE

The National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE) promotes excellence in vehicle repair, service, and parts distribution. Over a quarter of a million individuals hold ASE certifications. ASE Certified professionals work in every part of the transportation industry. For over 50 years, ASE (an independent non-profit organization) has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals. Learn more at ASE.org

Adding the ASE Endorsement - For Advisors

NTHS membership dues ($30/one-time) must be paid before or in conjunction with the ASE Endorsement fee. To add the ASE-Endorsement for qualifying Automotive, Collision, or Diesel students: 

When Registering New Members 

When registering new NTHS members, a dropdown menu will appear on the “Member Registration” page in the ASE column to the right of a student’s name if a transportation-related CTE Area Study of Code has been selected for them.  From that dropdown menu, you can select the cord ($20), stole ($25) or both cord and stole ($45) option for each student you would like to add.  Once you have completed your membership registration process and added your desired endorsements, click “Submit Registration” to begin the checkout process for both your memberships and the added endorsements. Login to the portal to register students and add the ASE endorsement.

For Previously Registered NTHS Members 

Once logged in to the Advisor portal, click the ASE Endorsement icon.  On the following page, students who have a transportation CTE Area of Study Code will appear on the screen.  Simply check the box under the endorsement regalia item you would like for each qualifying student.  When finished, click “Submit.”  From there, you can choose to check out or continue adding other items or memberships to your cart. Login to the portal to add the ASE endorsement.

ASE Regalia

The ASE/NTHS Cords and Stoles are custom regalia to honor those who have received the ASE Endorsement. ASE regalia is only available for those NTHS members for whom the ASE Endorsement has been added.

Symbolism of the Regalia
ASE/NTHS regalia is a great way to show student achievement at graduation, induction, and awards ceremonies. The ASE/NTHS cord and stoles both represent a commitment to excellence in their programs.

The ASE/NTHS Cord is a double-stranded, purple and orange cord with custom NTHS and ASE logo charms. The purple cord affixed with the NTHS emblem represents outstanding achievement in CTE and NTHS membership. The orange cord affixed with the ASE logo represents the ASE Education Foundation and achievement in the automotive, collision, or diesel fields.

The ASE/NTHS Stole is a white stole with the NTHS logo embroidered on one side and the ASE logo on the other, showcasing the partnership of our two organizations in celebrating excellence in the transportation career cluster.

Ordering Regalia
*Please note that orders cannot be placed for ASE regalia unless a student has been or is being submitted for the ASE Endorsement. If you are a student, please ensure that your advisor has submitted you for the ASE Endorsement and that you have notified them of which regalia item you would like. Advisors, when you add the ASE Endorsement to a member, you will be asked to select the regalia item at that time.