Hannah Mains is a rising sophomore studying Apparel Design at Auburn University. In 2020, Hannah was one of the lucky recipients of the NTHS Jon H. Poteat Scholarship. Through career and technical education, Hannah was able to gain hands-on experience in her chosen career path. NTHS members like Hannah are great examples of the impact that CTE can have on your future!

The 2021 JHP Scholarship deadline is May 31st.

Hannah took the time to answer some questions about her journey and the impact that CTE and NTHS has had on her life, take a look at her answers.

How has being involved in Career and Technical Education (CTE), and being a member of NTHS changed your life?

I learned the importance of commitment, putting in effort, and working on a team through CTE and NTHS. Completing NTHS service projects helped me better manage my time with other things going on and the ability to serve my community while doing something I enjoy. CTE helped me improve my teamwork and creative skills that I now implement on projects at Auburn.


If you had to explain to someone why CTE is important, what would you say?

CTE is important because it allows you the ability to get real world experience you would not necessarily get in a classroom or a general education class. I really enjoyed the specialized projects I got to work on when apart of CTE and felt that they offered me a unique learning experience.


What accomplishments or awards (academic or other) are you most proud of?

I am proud that I have been published in Auburn’s fashion magazine SWATCH for the spring semester and on the blog a few times. I am also proud to have been an ambassador for SWATCH my freshman year and am now serving as Media Director for my sophomore year.


How do you see NTHS and Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s) changing the stigma around CTE?

I think NTHS offers a lot of valuable learning experience and opportunities for students and believe students should take this opportunity to learn and grow for themselves and their future. CTE is a great way to be involved at school, especially if it is something you can see yourself doing as a career.


How did receiving a scholarship from NTHS help further your career and education?

I am honored to have received a scholarship from NTHS and put it towards my tuition at Auburn. This helped further my education by getting started in my first year and also allowing me the ability to be involved in various clubs and projects that have helped me grow and leave a positive impact on others while expressing my personality and creativity.


What’s your favorite NTHS memory?

My favorite NTHS memory is probably working on service projects for my high school’s prom fashion show. I had so much fun planning and being involved in the prom fashion show. This was great experience, especially for the career field I want to go in, and has helped me be prepared for projects at Auburn such as the opportunity to participate in the Auburn fashion show planning class. I am glad I had previous experience from NTHS that has set me up to succeed.


Tell us a little about you… Your family? Your pets? Your hobbies and interests?

I have 2 younger brothers, one that has just recently committed to play football at University of South Carolina for Fall 2022. My family is very excited and proud of him, and I can’t wait to see him succeed there. I also have a little terrier dog, Wiggy, that I love very much. I love going shopping, especially thrifting and at antique stores, hanging out in Atlanta, going to concerts and contributing to SWATCH whether it be through writing, social media, or working with my friends. I am very excited for what’s to come for me at Auburn and to one day have a successful career in the fashion industry. I hope to one day have a job in fashion journalism, PR, and possibly start a denim line.


Student’s like Hannah are prime examples of the power that CTE can have as your look towards the future. If you’re interested in applying for the Jon H. Poteat scholarship click here to learn more!