You worked hard. You spent countless late nights, writing papers, and guzzling incalculable of cups of coffee. You pulled so many all-nighters, fighting sleep and cramming for those exams… You literally put everything you had into it – blood, sweat, tears – and you made the grade. You’re finally walking across that stage and receiving that hard-earned diploma… But NOW WHAT?

The truth is, there’s SO MUCH advice we could give you on where to go next, and what to do there… But we LOVE the collaboration of thoughts and advice that Business Insider released this week, so we thought we’d share…

They write:

“A great commencement or class-day speech sticks with you forever. You remember it when you accept for your first job, and when you quit it.

Too many, unfortunately, offer the same warmed-over clichés, like “dream big,” “work hard,” or “follow your passion.” 

But there are some lessons that are truly worth remembering, or so well-said that they stick in the memory longer than just about anything else. 

We’ve collected some of the greatest speeches and pieces of advice, worth reading and listening to for any grad, or anyone looking for guidance.”

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