NTHS is committed to the recognition of excellence in every arena of career and technical education – student achievement, community service, outstanding chapters, and contributions from business, industry, and educational professionals. We encourage our members to get  involved outside their classroom, and every once in a while, we notice a chapter that really goes above and beyond that call.  That’s why we have the Silver Star of Excellence Outstanding Chapter Award.

The focus of this national award is to recognize NTHS chapters that maintain an active chapter based upon our seven core attributes; skill, scholarship, honesty, service, responsibility, citizenship and leadership… With that being said, we’d like to introduce you to the chapter at Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology (CAVIT).

This year, the NTHS chapter at CAVIT participated in the “Run, Hide, Fight Community Service Project.”

CAVIT’s local newspapers The Florence Reminder and the Blade Tribune report:

“The NTHS chapter partnered with our Medical Assistant program, instructed by Jeffrey Wooley and West Elementary School to provide ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ education,” Martinez said. “These eight visits to Diane Self-Thompson’s fourth grade class focused on lessons in childhood obesity, proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, cleanliness, healthcare prevention, and bullying.”

The lessons were aligned to Self-Thompson’s fourth grade curriculum, making the partnership a win-win situation for all.

 â€œCAVIT students traveled to West Elementary weekly to present the lessons, along with activities such as making a fun, healthy snack, playing a soccer game, and more,” Martinez said. “The partnership ended with Ms. Self-Thompson’s class visiting CAVIT to take a ‘final test’ and to tour the campus.”

Martinez explained it is “truly an honor to earn the Silver Star of Excellence award, since CAVIT does strive to provide quality community service through our clinics and other activities.”

CAVIT staff saw partnering with Self-Thompson’s class as a natural fit – a sentiment Wooley echoed.

“The location is close, but even more so these fourth graders get to learn valuable health information from a high school role model,” Wooley said.

Thank you for making such an amazing difference in your community!