Jared Jensen was one of the lucky recipients of the Jon H. Poteat Scholarship in 2019. Career and technical education provided Jared with a pass to success and we at NTHS are so proud to be a part of his journey! The 2021 JHP Scholarship deadline is May 31st.

 Jared answered a few questions for us about how CTE and NTHS have helped him as he moved through his education, take a look at his answers.

How has being involved in Career and Technical Education (CTE), and being a member of NTHS changed your life? 

Being involved in the Finger Lakes Technical Career Center was an amazing experience for me because I was able to come closer with my grandfather who was a general contractor, and my cousin Connor who currently the owner of Foxxer Electrical in Geneva, NY. Being a member of NTHS is one of the highlights of my life, when I was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society my family and I were thrilled.


If you had to explain to someone why CTE is important, what would you say? 

A CTE program is important because you can learn a variety of different trades that you can use whether or not you decide to pursue a trade(s) as a career.


What accomplishments or awards (academic or other) are you most proud of? 

I am very proud of my induction into the National Technical Honor Society, Receiving the Jon H. Poteat Scholarship, Being inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor society, and Making the Dean’s list at Finger Lakes Community College because they are a symbol of how far I have come as a student and helps open the door to more opportunities like them in the future as I pursue a career in the Legal profession.


How do you see NTHS and Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s) changing the stigma around CTE? 

I would recommend pursuing a CTE program or CTSO program to anyone I know who has any desire to learn a trade in a fun, safe, and interactive environment. The NTHS takes great pride in each of their inductees, making sure that they are successful in whatever field they choose to pursue through their scholarship programs for both current students and alumni members.  


How did receiving a scholarship from NTHS help further your career and education? 

Receiving the Jon H. Poteat scholarship from NTHS has helped me both financially and mentally. The scholarship helped pay for my tuition at FLCC and has also motivated me to try as hard as I can to be successful while at college.


What’s your favorite NTHS memory? 

My favorite NTHS memory is my acceptance speech for the Jon H. Poteat scholarship that I gave to the NTHS inducties my senior year or high school.  I dedicated that speech to my grandfather for always motivating me to do my best in my career no matter what career path I chose. the look on my grandfather’s face was what made that not only my favorite NTHS memory, but also one of the best days of my life.

Student’s like Jared are prime examples of the power that CTE can have as your look towards the future. If you’re interested in applying for the Jon H. Poteat scholarship click here to learn more!