Interviews can be stressful experiences, especially for first-time interviewees. The pressure of impressing an interviewer and showcasing their qualifications can leave even the most confident candidates feeling nervous and anxious. However, conducting mock interviews for high school students can help ease their anxiety and prepare them for their future internships, college admissions, and job interviews. 

Tips for Conducting Mock Interview Events:

  • Set clear expectations for dress code, types of questions they may be asked, and how they should present themselves during the interview (see our blog post: “Mastering the Interview: Tips for your First Interview”)
  • Give students ample time to prepare for the interview by providing them with sample questions, tips on interviewing skills, and opportunities to practice.
  • Utilize experienced interviewers to conduct the mock interviews – many times, professionals from your community are willing to volunteer their time to help out with these type of events.
  • Provide interviewers with a copy of the students’ resumes, as well as a way to provide feedback (digital form, paper form, or email address) so that the interviewer can provide valuable information to the student on how to improve their skills.
  • Have a very clear timeline and stick to it! Especially if you have professionals from the community volunteering their time, you want to be respectful and make sure that each interview starts and ends at the correct time.

Conducting mock interviews for high school students is an excellent way to prepare them for their future careers. As an NTHS advisor, it is important to provide students with opportunities to practice their interviewing skills in a safe and supportive environment, and mock interviews are a great way to achieve this.

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