Silver Star of Excellence Winner – St. Clair County Technical Education Center (TEC)

Here at St. Clair TEC, we are not only known for our workforce skills, but also our compassion to help others. During the 2015-2016 school year, we raised money and clothing donations to help the less fortunate families in our neighborhood. Every thing we collected went to Kids In Distress Services (K.I.D.S.) in St. Clair. This was our third year doing this, and we set a record high of $5,543.57. All 615 students and all 34 staff members took part in the project with our full 125 NTHS members coordinating the project in all classrooms. We plan on continuing this amazing fundraiser to continue to help our community with future classes of NTHS.

Each class was a separate team who was competing each week for the “traveling trophies.” These trophies moved from class to class each week, so we could tell who was in the lead. Because of this fun twist, we were able to stay competitive and motivated as a school to raise more money/clothes than every other class.

We ended the fundraiser plunging into the water at Fort Gratiot Beach on December 5th in the Port Huron Polar Bear Plunge. The turnout was amazing. We had so many St. Clair TEC staff and students that also joined. We had over 100 students/staff that took the plunge. We also had a total of 200 supporters to cheer us as we plunged. We all wore purple (for NTHS) to show that we were all part of one team, striving to achieve one goal…to raise the most money possible for those that are in need in our community.

Our school has not only helped K.I.D.S.; but we also earned the emerald level in the Michigan Green School Initiative for the 2015-2016 school year. To achieve this, we had to prove that we were different than other schools by educating the staff and students about all of the energy that is being used. For example, when you leave your appliances on while not using them and things of that nature.

We are a school that strives to make a difference in not only our community, but also our school as well. These accomplishments help set us apart from other schools. and help build strong, self-determined leaders.