Thinking BIG! Swansboro High School Reaches Out

Jeff Parcell 2018-01-5

Ellen Sheehan, NTHS Advisor at Swansboro High School in Swansboro, NC writes:

“Our NTHS Chapter wanted to do something after the hurricanes.  We live in a town that has experienced hurricanes but were able to dodge them this year (thank goodness).  However, the NTHS officers at Swansboro High School (which are the kids in the picture with the supplies we sent)  wanted to jump on board and “do something,” but they were thinking BIG, BIG, BIG!!!  We brainstormed ideas and decided on school supplies.  Then we scaled it to one school and focused on school supplies.  I contacted the Florida State Board of Education that turned us to Mirror Lakes Elementary School in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  I contacted their principal, and the school supply drive was started!

We covered boxes in extremely bright lime green paper with huge printed lists of supplies we were collecting:  pencils, paper, glue sticks, colored pencils, crayons, markers, composition books, construction paper, folders, rulers and any school supply.  We put boxes in classes so students could donate.  Teachers sent information of our project in their weekly emails.  Our CTE County Office sent the information to all CTE teachers in Onslow County.  The supplies started coming in at a much larger rate than we imagined.   We were able to ship 14 PACKED TO RIM boxes (please don’t ask me the shipping costs because it was disgusting  . . .  but worth every penny!).  When Mirror Lakes received the packages, the principal sent these adorable pictures!”

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