The NTHS Lifetime Achievement Awards

Jeff Parcell 2019-08-2

During our Annual Board of Directors meeting last month, we were privileged to spend some time honoring a few of the people that have been instrumental in the founding and supporting our organization. A tree was planted in each person’s honor on the grounds at our national headquarters, and with it,  a special plaque.

From our Executive Director, C. Allen Powell:

“In reflecting on the positive impact numbers of NTHS National Board members have made in the life of NTHS, Co-founders, Patricia Poteat and Allen Powell, made the decision to establish an appropriate, enduring, and living tribute in appreciation for their many contributions, faithfulness, and love for NTHS.  We aspired to pay tribute to NTHS Leaders and Legends here on the NTHS grounds.  The first recipients, were recognized on July 21, 2018 and included;

    • Jon H. Poteat, NTHS Co-founder
    • Barbara Orwig, NTHS Board President 1999-2000
    • Major Robert “Bob” Bailey, NTHS Board President 1993-1994
    • Darrell Parks, NTHS Board President 2000-2001 and Finance Committee Chair
    • Greg Winters, NTHS Board President 1991-1992 and 1997-1998 and NTHS Historian



This year, it is our honor to recognize three more “NTHS Leaders and Legends,” they are:

        • Patricia Smith Poteat, NTHS Co-founder and Associate Director 1985-2015
        • Susan McKee, NTHS Board President 1998-1999
        • Steven B. Franks, NTHS Board President 2004-2006 and 2014-2016

We are honored to celebrate and pay tribute to Mrs. Poteat, Dr. McKee, and Dr. Franks today with the planting of an Eastern Red Bud tree in their honor.”