NTHS Membership Benefits Extended for the Class of 2020

Jeff Parcell 2020-05-19

From NTHS Executive Director, Peyton Holland:

We realize that many school districts have ended the school year early and that many of this year’s graduates have faced significant delays due to COVID-19. We wanted to let you know that for all students who are slated to graduate anytime in 2020, we will immediately be extending their member benefits for a full additional year! This extension means that for 12 months past their current graduation date, students in the class of 2020 will be eligible to apply for scholarships, request their letters of recommendation, and more! We hope this helps celebrate and honor the class of 2020 as they prepare to be the generation that leads us forward.

In order to accomplish this, we will be running a process that will change any student with a 2020 graduation date to 2021 temporarily.  If you’re a 2020 graduate, and you see your graduation date as 2021, please remember this is ok, and it will allow you to continue to access your member benefits. We will be working with our tech team to have two dates posted in the future, one being their true graduation date and one being the expiration date of their member benefits.  There is no action that Advisors or students have to take on their part.

Our 2020 Jon H. Poteat scholarship deadline is May 31.  If for some reason  graduates do not get their scholarship application submitted prior to that date, the extension of member benefits will allow them to apply when the 2021 Jon H. Poteat Scholarship application window opens back up again this September.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We are here to support you in any way that we can. You can email general questions to us at info@NTHS.org. If you have a scholarship question, you can contact our Scholarship Director, Allison, at aupchurch@NTHS.org.