Tamzid Razzaque, an alumni of the National Technical Honor Society chapter at Mount Hebron High School in Maryland, has been involved with NTHS for several years. Razzaque joined NTHS towards the end of his sophomore year of high school and participated in various activities during his junior year. He was eventually elected vice president of the chapter during his senior year, and has continued to utilize the resources and stay in contact with members and the chapter advisor, Mr. Gorleski, even after graduating.

When nominating Tamzid for the NTHS Honor Roll Mr. Gorleski had this to say:

“In addition to his leadership in NTHS, he proved academic excellence in the classes I taught him and the clubs I advised him in. He graduated in the top 5% of his class and achieved high scores in Project Lead the Way. He led his Robotics team to states for the first time in five years. Finally, he qualified for nationals for the Future Business Leaders of America PSA event.

In every activity I found Tamzid, I saw what reflects a passionate student in STEM wanting to make a difference. His projects, internships, and academic accomplishments are leveled with his volunteering, creativity, and leadership. I truly believe he deserves the NTHS Honor Roll and hope the best for him at UC Berkeley.”

We wanted to learn more about Tamzid and his experience with NTHS and CTE. When asked why CTE is important to him, Tamzid said:

“Career and Technical Education (CTE) is important because what is taught today will shape the future of our children, their children, and everyone else. Because CTE is a hub for unique creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration opportunities often overlooked in other educational systems, it provides an education that prepares students for innovative careers.”

As an officer in the NTHS chapter, Razzaque supported virtual fundraising events, including designing 3D-printed masks, and volunteered for tutoring. After in-person instruction resumed, he and the other officers hosted school-wide competitions and provided resources and outreach to other school clubs. He also expanded his tutoring resources to other CTE classes and grade levels. It’s clear that Tamzid is a strong example of our NTHS attributes.

“It’s also important to remember the principles of NTHS, such as leadership, service, and professionalism, and to apply these principles in your CTE experience. This can help you stand out as a leader in your field and positively impact your community.”

According to Tamzid, the NTHS chapter at Mount Hebron High School has had a significant impact on the education and personal development of its members. The organization has provided opportunities for leadership development, industry-specific conferences and events, and networking with professionals in their chosen fields. It has also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among members as they collaborate on service projects and engage in academic and professional development activities together.

“NTHS has raised awareness of the variety of career options available through CTE, and has provided resources and support to students interested in pursuing these careers. The NTHS chapter has also contributed to the community through service projects and partnerships with local businesses.”

Tamzid believes the National Technical Honor Society has had a positive impact on himself, his fellow chapter members, Mount Hebron High School, and the community. It has provided valuable resources, opportunities, and support to those interested in pursuing careers in CTE, and has promoted the importance of technical skills and innovative thinking.

Students like Tamzid make our organization special, as they create lasting impacts within their communities that further spread the message of NTHS and CTE. We are so happy to have him as a NTHS Alumni!

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