With over two decades in the realm of Career and Technical Education (CTE), Ryan Goodman, the stalwart advocate and Career and Technical Education Supervisor at Polk County High School (TN), has a vision that resonates deeply with the essence of technical education.

Speaking of his passion, Ryan shared, “CTE tailors education to practical skills, enhancing students’ employability. It’s not just about learning; it’s about preparing students for both the real world and higher educational pursuits.”

The Role of NTHS in Shaping Futures

For Ryan, the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is more than just a platform; it’s a catalyst. He believes, “NTHS creates opportunities for students to showcase their skills. Through recognition, leadership, and community involvement, it significantly enhances their educational journey and future career prospects.”

On the Horizon: PCHS’s NTHS Activities

Under Ryan’s leadership, the NTHS chapter at PCHS is burgeoning with potential. Reflecting on their growth, he mentioned, “We’re now planning our second induction ceremony with an ambitious goal of recruiting over 10% of our student body. It’s an exciting time as we recently had our first Chapter Officer election with representation from all career clusters at PCHS.”

While the chapter is actively diving into diverse activities, Ryan holds a special concern for ensuring every student gets an equal chance. “Several students at PCHS are economically disadvantaged. We don’t want financial constraints to be a barrier, so we’re actively working to support students and create equality within the chapter.”

Charting a Path: Advice for Students

When asked how students can make the most of their CTE journey, Ryan was emphatic: “Explore your options. Immerse yourself in opportunities like work-based learning and apprenticeships. By being proactive, engaged, and open to learning, you can extract the maximum benefit from your CTE experience.”

CTE & NTHS: A Transformative Influence

Speaking of the overarching impact of CTE and NTHS, Ryan observed, “CTE has empowered our students to make informed decisions about their future. It’s incredible to see how students have a clear plan for their future when they leave PCHS.”

A Glimpse Into Ryan Goodman’s Life

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ryan is a dedicated father and an active community member. Sharing about his family, he said, “I have a daughter at ETSU aspiring to be a Physician Assistant and a son who’s passionate about technology and gaming. They are my pride.”

Outside school, Ryan wears multiple hats, from serving on executive boards across Tennessee to indulging in his personal interests. “In my spare time, I love attending UT football games and going deep-sea fishing. It’s all about finding that balance,” he added with a smile.

In the vast landscape of education, Ryan Goodman stands as a beacon of commitment, inspiring many and continuing to lead by example at Polk County High School.