Students at University View Academy, Louisiana’s largest school, are afforded many educational and co-curricular options. Veteran teacher Mindy Rose ensures NTHS is one of them.  

“With the implementation of NTHS at our school, the impact has been very positive – allowing not only students to know about NTHS, but also the community to get involved, and it has showcased the availability of other organizations available for students,” she said.

Mindy has taught for 14 years and has been a DECA advisor for 10. She is glad that she added NTHS five years ago.  

Many students did not know about NTHS. So many want to be part of something, but many don’t make the cut for some honor societies. The students that have become members have found a brighter day and tend to do better because someone said they could be a member of an honor society.” 

University View Academy does a great job of pairing NTHS with their CTSOs, so every student excels. Doing this connects a community within the school and allows for more networking and broader outreach.   

“Career and Technical Education is vital and empowers students with the practical skills and knowledge required for successful careers,” says Rose. “It gives me a diverse range of talents and intelligences, acknowledging that students have varied pathways to success beyond traditional academic routes. It allows me to play a pivotal role in shaping a skilled, adaptable, and innovative workforce capable of contributing to the economy’s growth and competitiveness.” 

Mindy likes hanging out with her daughter and playing the flute in her free time.