This month’s NTHS Honor Roll inductee comes from one of our Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) partners! Jorge Sanchez is a high school senior at Jefferson High School in Tampa, Florida, and has been involved with Career and Technical Education (CTE) for seven years, including one year with the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Jorge recently shared his thoughts on CTE and NTHS in a form submission, and when asked why CTE is important to him, he said, “Career and Technical Education opened doors in my life that I would have never found otherwise.”

Jorge went on to explain that CTE gave him a place to learn and grow with other students and that he “developed [his] leadership skills, practiced [his] public speaking, and established a network of mentors and peers that helped [him] accomplish [his] goals” as a result. He emphasized that CTE is flexible and allows students from all backgrounds and interests to discover their passions, which is why it’s important to him.

When asked about NTHS specifically, Jorge said, “As the only honor society that recognizes work and achievement in CTE, NTHS ensures that the next generation of leaders and producers feel recognized and valued for their education and work today and tomorrow.” He continued, saying that NTHS provides students with resources such as mini-certifications and letters of recommendation, making it easier for high-achieving students in various CTSOs and CTE pathways to take the next step in their journey.

Jorge also noted that many NTHS chapters, including his own, host events in their communities to promote the growth and well-being of their students. “Allowing students the opportunity to grow and feel their goals are within reach is part of why NTHS has been super important, and I care about it,” he said.

Jorge has been an active member of his school’s NTHS chapter, including helping to coordinate a scholarship contest for seniors. He assisted with the backstage logistics and hosted the on-stage interview portion of the program. Reflecting on his experiences with CTE and NTHS, Jorge advises current students to “never be afraid to do what you want to do” and to participate in the things that interest them to get the best learning experience.

Jorge’s passion for CTE and NTHS is evident when he speaks about their impact on his school and community. He noted that CTE gave students a purpose and made school fun, allowing them to gain real-world skills and accomplish their goals with the support of their community. Jorge will attend George Washington University in the fall to study Accountancy and is excited about the future. “When we explore what we love and do the things that make us want to get up every morning, we feel excited about the future and the things we can accomplish!” he exclaimed.

We are proud to be a part of Jorge’s journey and hope he continues to spread the message of NTHS and CTE well into the future!

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