Career and technical education offers so much diversity and opportunity for students. CTE prepares students for high skill, high wage positions and students get that training from teachers like Monique Robinson-Poole, from Maryland’s Robert D. Stethem Educational Center.

Monique has been an NTHS advisor since 2018 when she was offered the opportunity to help with the induction ceremony.

“I was honored, and thoroughly impressed with NTHS. I took over the following year and it has been a very rewarding experience. I am grateful that I have an opportunity to introduce new learners, and staff to NTHS,” she said.

As a part of the NTHS program, Stethem Educational Center students prioritize community service. Students participate in community-based organization efforts and volunteerism. Students also participate in leadership development and work-based learning.

Monique says, “Our community looks forward to not only the work our students do in the community, but our annual recognition ceremony. It is a huge event, and we are elated that so many community leaders, administrators and board members recognize and celebrate with us.”

Stethem Educational Center students take the Core Four Objectives of NTHS with them once they graduate. Many of their students are involved in student led organizations at their colleges and universities and several have received community accolades and recognition.

Monique Robinson-Poole was nominated by her students, Ke-Nya Butler, Makenna James, and Zoie Johnson.

“As our advisor, she prepares us for leadership and teaches us about being a community person. When we have programs or training as officers, we are taught to lead the program instead of the teacher or advisor leading. In the community, we are taught to give and lead. She makes us feel we can do anything, and we are ready for life after high school and on to our CTE path.”

District superintendent Maria Navarro added, “I am so impressed by the rigor of the programs and so very proud of how many of our students meet and exceed our expectations. That doesn’t happen without people like her.”

When Monique isn’t inspiring students, she is a mom to two humans and one pet. She likes to volunteer, write, loves virtual reality, and technology! You can often find her attempting to build worlds in the Oculus (VR) community.

We are glad she is helping build a world full of students who are ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

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