Career and Technical Education (CTE) plays a crucial role in preparing students for the world beyond high school. CTE counselor, Felicia Oliver, has been involved with CTE for most of her life. As a former CATE student, minor in Family Consumer Science, and former CTE teacher, Ms. Oliver has been a consistent leader in student success. Her dedication to making sure every student she comes in contact with has a plan for their future has impacted many students’ lives. In the words of her nominations, “Ms. Oliver has given me hope to have a planned and better future than anyone else” and “she is constantly striving to help students reach their full potential and grant them exposure to things that can better help them.” Join us as we learn more about Ms. Felicia Oliver’s passion for CTE and the impact of North Shore Senior High School’s NTHS chapter activities.

Meet Felicia Oliver, a CTE counselor at North Shore Senior High School in Texas. Felicia has been involved in CTE for most of her life. She was a CATE student in high school, minored in Family Consumer Science, taught five years of CTE classes, and is now a CTE counselor. In this blog post, we’ll learn more about Felicia’s passion for CTE and her involvement with NTHS.

Why is Career and Technical Education important to Felicia? According to her, CTE careers were vital in making America a powerful nation during the Industrial Revolution. As the nation ages and the infrastructure too, CTE careers are as important as ever to rebuild America. This is why CTE is crucial to Felicia – it prepares students for the world beyond high school.

Felicia is also passionate about NTHS. She believes that acknowledging students in the areas of their accolades is important. As an educator and a CTE student advocate, Felicia is committed to serving her students and meeting their social, emotional, career, and academic needs.

At North Shore Senior High School, Felicia has supported the NTHS chapter advisor, Ashley Mierles, with parent and student contact, vital meeting information, and meeting the needs of the advisor. Felicia believes that the advisor is the heart of the chapter and she is there to serve as needed. As a counselor, she meets with students to support their social, emotional, career, and academic needs.

When asked about advice for students on how to make the most out of their CTE experience, Felicia encourages them to carpe diem and enjoy the events CTE exposes them to. CTE is related to life and prepares students for the world beyond high school. Students who are part of CTE are ready for the world in their area of interest.

Felicia has seen firsthand how CTE impacts students at her school. Students in CTE lack validity when they question “why do I need to learn this” or “when will I use this” when they are enrolled in CTE courses because CTE is applicable to life. CTE prepares students for the world beyond high school. Graduates become the spokespersons for the programs offered within CTE and are able to return to their community with work-ready skills.

Away from school, Felicia is an avid self-care enthusiast. She enjoys exercising and laughing and encourages others to do the same. She believes that laughter is a great stress reliever.

In conclusion, Felicia Oliver is an educator, mom, and CTE student advocate that cares deeply about the future and the students that will rebuild our nation. Her passion for CTE and NTHS is evident in her commitment to serving her students and meeting their needs. We need more educators like Felicia who are dedicated to preparing students for the world beyond high school.

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