What are you going to do after high school? It’s a common question for which many students don’t have an answer. Career and Technical Education helps students find their passion. Students in Lubbock- Cooper ISD in Lubbock, Texas, are lucky they have a community partner to help them answer that question.  

Mr. Bill Lewis, Assistant Operations Partner of the local PF Chang’s restaurant, wants students in his area to know their worth and find where their skills are.  

“Join NTHS and tell us how you intend to gain your fortune in your future,” says Mr. Lewis.  

This phrase was inspired by a fortune cookie he opened at PF Chang’s some 25 years ago. Mr. Lewis found his fortune with the restaurant chain and wants students from his hometown to do the same. 

“True leadership is being able not only to lead, but also to teach others and to give back to your community.  The standards NTHS requires of their members create an environment of teamwork and personal growth. After seeing how the students work on projects together and make all the decisions for yearly campaigns, it is exciting to see the skills they develop to be leaders in their fields tomorrow.  In high school, we did not have an organization to prepare us for after graduation like NTHS does for these students.  I am always happy to contribute any knowledge I can share with them on their path towards a successful career.”  

Cindi Newlin nominated Mr. Lewis for this award and is grateful for his contributions to Lubbock and her NTHS chapter.  

NTHS members thrive when introduced to community partners like Bill Lewis, who teach them so much about perseverance, hard work, and the business world.  

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