It is with great pleasure that we introduce our December Honor Roll Inductee for the National Technical Honor Society, Ms. Melody Gibson. Ms. Gibson serves as the dedicated Advisor at Gaston College NTHS in North Carolina, and we are immensely proud to shine a spotlight on her exceptional contributions to both NTHS and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Her unwavering passion for empowering students on their educational journeys and her tireless commitment to recognizing those pursuing in-demand careers have left an indelible mark on her school and the broader community.

Ms. Gibson’s devotion to NTHS and CTE becomes abundantly clear through her two-year tenure as the advisor for the Gaston College NTHS chapter. She fervently advocates for students to acquire valuable skills and recognizes the significance of CTE in preparing students for fulfilling and high-demand careers. Ms. Gibson’s infectious enthusiasm for CTE programs encourages students to actively participate, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and explore the myriad career pathways available to them. Her steadfast dedication to showcasing students’ achievements within CTE programs serves as an inspirational force, nurturing a profound sense of motivation and awareness among her students.

Ms. Gibson’s remarkable impact is further evidenced by the fact that not one but eight separate nominations were submitted in her favor for the NTHS Honor Roll. These heartfelt sentiments, shared by those who know her best, truly highlight the extraordinary work that Ms. Gibson has done at her school. Both students and colleagues alike sing her praises for her unwavering support and dedication. One of her students, Destiny Killian, who is part of the medical assisting program under Ms. Gibson’s tutelage, expresses, “She goes above and beyond for all her students.” April Krent commends Ms. Gibson’s organizational prowess and inclusivity, describing her as an exceptional educator. Keisha Cook, another one of Ms. Gibson’s students, describes her as a “phenomenal instructor.” Holly Caulder highlights her unwavering positivity and willingness to go the extra mile for her students’ success, noting that “[she] will take the time necessary for her students to understand what is being taught.” The sentiments are echoed by Rebekah Pennington, Shante McClain, Tonya Martin, and Ashley Figueroa, who succinctly sums it up by declaring Ms. Gibson as “the best teacher she’s ever had,” citing her kindness, thoughtfulness, and invaluable assistance.

Ms. Melody Gibson stands as a shining exemplar of dedication, excellence, and support within the National Technical Honor Society and Career and Technical Education. Her impact on her students, her school, and her community is truly immeasurable, and her commitment to empowering students on their educational journeys is nothing short of commendable. With great pleasure, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Gibson for her outstanding contributions, and we are thrilled to recognize her as our December Honor Roll Inductee.

If you know someone deserving of recognition in the NTHS Honor Roll, we encourage you to nominate them and continue celebrating the achievements of our exceptional members.