Why CTE? And Why NTHS?

Jeff Parcell 2017-02-17

In today’s fast-moving, high-tech, and competitive work place, nothing is more important to business and industry than talented, technically skilled people.  Talented individuals with certified skills are attracting attention and drawing top pay.  And what American institution is the most reliable pipeline for these jobs?  Career and Technical Education (CTE) is the nation’s greatest source for skilled and talented workforce!

The National Technical Honor Society, established in 1984, has made a significant, positive impact on the image of career and technical education in schools and communities throughout the US.  Prior to NTHS, there was no national initiative in place to recognize and honor high-achieving  students in CTE.  Though thousands of high schools and colleges embraced and supported the recognition of excellence in academics and the arts, students in vocational-technical (now CTE) programs and majors were considered non-college bound and passed over for recognition.

Today, high-achieving students enrolled in career and technical are being recognized in over 4,000 schools and colleges throughout the US.  Additionally, many schools and colleges hosting active NTHS chapters testify that NTHS motivates and challenges CTE students to reach higher and excel in their education.  NTHS recognition and NTHS scholarships send a strong, positive message that “excellence in career and technical education pays!”

Venerating  excellence in career and technical education is equally as important as acknowledging and honoring excellence in the arts and humanities, and in today’s highly-competitive, skill-driven business and industry, high-achieving, skilled CTE students are in high demand.

NTHS members are the CTE elite and represent the top 5% of students enrolled in career and technical education and NTHS membership is America’s highest award for excellence in career and technical education.

C. Allen Powell
Co-Founder and Executive Director at the
National Technical Honor Society