Learning Career Skills in High School

Jeff Parcell 2019-09-27

From The Daily News in Jackson, NC:

“Home economics and shop classes still exist at the local high school, they’ve just been updated to meet modern needs. Career and technical education — as it’s now called — is cutting-edge and prepares young people for well-paying, in-demand jobs in a variety of established and emerging industries.

“CTE is what we used to call vocational tech, things like auto body or wood shop. It was a secondary part of education, electives. Now, it’s really evolved and a great opportunity for both high-flyers and also for kids not succeeding on the regular track,” said Laura Flynn, director of the Career Technical Education Division of the National Healthcareer Association. Career and technical education gives students early access to education that can help shape their future careers, whether that involves college or not, she said. “Career and technical education today touches virtually all of society, from skilled manufacturing to information technology, STEM, marketing and health care, public safety to architecture and construction,” said Jarrod Nagurka, spokesman for the Association for Career and Technical Education.”

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