Summer is finally here, and teachers and professors all across the country are breathing a sigh of relief and preparing themselves for a few short months of rest and recuperation…

Here’s some great advice from our partners at the Association for Career and Technical Education, on exactly how to do just that!

“Learning how to unplug and recharge your batteries on a daily basis is a critical success factor that leads to better performance as a teacher. However, if you want to experience even higher levels of success, the added benefit of getting unplugged from the classroom grind for an extended period of time during the summer is vital. Think of it as getting recharged over time through a slow, trickle charge rather than just a bunch of short, quick charges. Trickle charges last longer and do a more thorough job.

Here are four R.E.S.T. tips you can use this summer that will help you unplug and recharge in a way that will last.”

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