How Great Mothers Make Great Leaders

Jeff Parcell 2018-05-11

In honor of Mothers Day this weekend, we thought this was a great article published by LinkedIn:

“Leadership is often about giving.

Putting the needs of others ahead of your own. Thinking about the greater good rather than your own interests. Often working hard and sacrificing yourself, maybe with little recognition or reward – just to keep things running smoothly.

For most mothers out there, all the above is probably a standard days work. On a good day.

Maybe nature hasn’t created a single relationship as powerful and naturally strong as that between a mother and her child. It’s one that every human experiences. From giving life, carrying, nurturing and raising a child to them eventually flying the nest, mothers often keep the home together and are the glue that makes families stick. In fact your mother is often one of the (if not the) most influential person in anyone’s life.

Even “mother” nature herself is a mom.

Being a parent – especially a mother – is a cultivated trait. As any new mom will tell you – it takes time to getting used to. But many of the skills developed through motherhood are applicable to leadership.”

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