Alex Bell is an NTHS board member, and the advisor of the chapter at Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education High School in Jamaica, NY. He writes:

“On January 20th 2018, the Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High Schools’ National Technical Honor Society Chapter and I, attended the 2018 Women’s March on New York City.

According to the stated goals of the Women’s March (listed below), I believed it was my obligation to not only be there, but also to be certain that I do my best to expose many of the young leaders that I advise at Edison to the “real-world” of “front-and-center” advocacy and political action that would take place to meet the stated goals of the day. This was also a day for these NTHS members (as I expressed to them prior to the event) to be seen and heard in the space of activism for multiple causes to enhance their personal awareness, their community and their country.

As you will witness in the photos, this was truly an amazing day for all who had the good fortune to put “boots on the ground” for the #NYCWomensMarch!

As a veteran Educator to empower young leaders for a better tomorrow and as a veteran Union Delegate for fair equitable rights for all… this day for me was a blast!!!

Stated goals for the Women’s March on this day was to…

  • Empower every human who witnesses or participates in the Women’s March on NYC to stand up for their beliefs and their rights.
  • Connect victims of discrimination, civil injustice, sexual harassment, or unfair treatment in an environment that encourages them to share their stories, receive support and know that they are not alone.
  • Remind the existing government body that they report to the people and the people expect their civil liberties to be upheld.
  • Bring hope to those who have lost confidence in the United States Government by physically showing them that the power lies with the people.
  • Remind every American that their right to assemble, march, demonstrate, protest, and vote is sacred and only available to citizens of free countries like the United States of America.
  • Register voters at the march to support a national effort to register 1 million women to vote by the 2018 elections.”

We’re so proud of these NTHS members for taking an active role in affecting the change they want to see, not only in their community, but in this country.

And thank you, Alex, for being a shining example of social activism and teaching your students to do the same!