Be social. Be informed. BE ENGAGED.

Jeff Parcell 2019-07-12

Social media is more than just sharing cat memes and artistic pictures of your dinner. The real value truly is being able to connect with other people all across the world who also share in similar interests and career paths.

While they might seem second nature to you, the insights and experience you personally possess are invaluable to your followers, to the rest of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) community, and to us. Social media has an undeniable power to not only strengthen our national CTE society, but also help us discover new opportunities, and learn more from the students and teachers like you who’ve specialized and succeeded in a skilled trades career.

We ask that you get involved.

Our social media channels are dedicated to celebrating high achieving CTE students, acknowledging the hard work CTE educators put in every day, and furthering the national conversation about the value of Career and Technical Education.

Don’t get us wrong… We STILL want to see your cat memes and your dinner pictures. But we invite you to follow, like, share, tweet, or comment on our posts! Because every time you digitally engage with us, you help make us just a little more visible to someone who may not yet know about us!