Our first NTHS Advisor of the Month for 2022 is Jeff Herndon from Canadian Valley Technology Center in Oklahoma! Jeff has served as an NTHS advisor for over 2o years and has taught Auto Service and Service Careers, served as a counselor and as  CTSO Coordinator! He believes CTE is important because it provides a pathway to success for students who may not be addressed by traditional education. Jeff took some time to answer our questions about him and his awesome chapter(s), take a look at his answers below:


You’ve been the advisor for the NTHS chapters at the Yukon and El Reno campuses, as well as assisting at the Chickasha campus. What are your keys to successfully managing your chapters and keeping your members interested in and engaged with NTHS? We welcome your ideas so that other advisors and chapters may benefit! 

I spend extra time on organization so my chapters are efficiently administered.  You can’t be too organized.  I also believe in my colleagues and let them help me.  As for keeping students interested you must be clear in communicating the value of NTHS.  You must know the organization well and be able to thoroughly explain its value.  In addition, you must be excited about presenting the opportunities NTHS provides.


NTHS is so grateful for your hard work in overseeing 3 chapters and always having lots of new members each year. What advice would you give to other advisors who may be also overseeing multiple chapters? 

Give all your chapters equal respect and footing.  Ensure everyone understands that their chapter is as important as any other chapter.  Absolutely ensure you serve every chapter to the best of your ability.


What would you say to your current students on how to make the most out of their CTE experience?? 

Get involved, you never know what opportunity you’ll miss.


As the leader of your schools’ NTHS chapters, what accomplishments (yours or your students’)?are?you most proud of??These can be chapter activities, campaigns, community outreach, etc. Please share your stories! 

I am most proud of our chapters’ participation in NTHS.  We have large percentages of student body as NTHS members.  This is because we have conveyed NTHS’ value to our students.  Also, we have large numbers of students participate in the leadership conferences, legislative days and seeking out scholarships.  NTHS is an integral part of our school and that’s the accomplishment I am most proud of.  But this accomplishment belongs to CV Tech and its staff, faculty and students.  I may coordinate the program but the staff and our students are what makes NTHS a success!


Tell us a little about yourself…Your family? Your pets? Your hobbies and interests?? 

I am happily married to Nancy, my wife of 37 years, have two adult children, Brooke and Blake and our spicy pug/chihuahua mix, Marley.  We like to camp, ride ATVs and spend time together as a family.