7 Reasons to Hold Induction Ceremonies in the Fall and Spring

It’s never too early to start planning for next school year!

1. More recognition for your school and program!

As educators, you know the value of repetition (especially when giving directions on an assignment). Promoting your program is the same! Having two induction ceremonies doubles your CTE program’s exposure within your school and community. Remember to send out those press releases after each induction ceremony. Your students and school get the recognition they deserve, and proud parents everywhere can clip those newspapers (or … screenshot those web articles!).

2. Spread out the workload so you’re not overwhelmed.

We all know that spring is the busiest time in the education world – prom, senior events, regional CTSO conferences, end-of-year award ceremonies, exams, graduation, etc. By breaking up your ceremony into two smaller celebrations, you’ll have a more manageable list of inductees. In addition, the spring ceremony will be a breeze since you and your officers had plenty of time to practice and put on a fantastic fall induction beforehand!

3. Smaller, more intimate ceremonies open new possibilities!

By dividing your inductee list in half, you will have more venue space, a shorter ceremony, more room for guests, and you may even be able to make the celebration extra special. For example, some advisors ask each student to invite a teacher or adult who has influenced their education & career pathway. Then, the inductees have an opportunity during the ceremony to express appreciation for their honored guests.

4. Increase student engagement!

Having a strong chapter activity each semester, like an induction, creates and sustains a chapter’s momentum and serves as an anchor for continued engagement throughout the school year. Induction ceremonies can also double as officer installation ceremonies, so having two inductions can allow a chapter to fill officer positions of graduating seniors or other empty positions.

5. Students have more time and opportunities to use their benefits!

Let’s be honest – we know you do it all for your students. But did you know you’re doing your students a disservice by not inducting them as soon as they are eligible? As soon as students are inducted, they can start utilizing their member benefits. This means they can begin applying for scholarships (more scholarship cycles = more opportunities to be awarded), requesting letters of recommendation, and enjoying our NTHS partner discounts.

6. Reach all eligible students!

Inducting students during both semesters allows you to recognize students who may not have met the eligibility requirements until later in the year without sacrificing 1st-semester-eligible students missing out on benefits (think scholarship windows) until the end-of-the-year induction.

7. Flexibility for busy student schedules!

Students these days are involved in so many things to become well-rounded individuals. Two ceremony options may prevent scheduling conflicts where students and parents have to choose between a senior play-off game and your NTHS induction ceremony!