A COVID-19 Update from NTHS

A COVID-19 Update from NTHS

NTHS Advisors:

We understand that this is an incredibly challenging time for many of our school systems across the country and we are taking steps to help support you during any disruptions that may result from the coronavirus.

    • Our offices remain open to support you– We are here to support and assist you as always. We will work together to make sure your students receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve. Call us, email us, we are here for you.  Most of our staff is now working remotely to support you, but we are still processing and shipping orders
    • We can accommodate shipping changes– If you need to ship to a location other than your school (i.e. to your home or other location) or schedule a specific delivery date, we can accommodate.
      • As always, let us know your anticipated “need by date” on the order form.
      • Use the note field for special delivery instructions.
      • If that date changes, let us know and we can adjust.
      • Most orders can be delivered in 1-4 business days with UPS ground shipping.
    • Mass Membership Upload Tool – We have a tool that will allow you to do the initial student information upload for all of your members with a simple spreadsheet.
      • Click HERE to upload your students. Questions? Contact Jeff Parcell, our IT Director.
    • Scholarships – Scholarship applications are still open and we are still processing scholarship requests. Remind your students that, even if they are out of school, they can log in and apply. If possible, fully submit your members prior to any school closings so that they will have access to apply over the break.
    • Virtual Induction ResourcesWe have developed a Virtual Induction Tool Kit to assist you in recognizing and honoring your students should you not be able to hold an in-person ceremony.
    • Resources: Access our Resource Page for NTHS Standards, information on registering members, occupational codes, and video tutorials.
    • When logged in, you can access additional resources. Click the Advisor Resources tile to access the NTHS brochure, congratulations certificates, customizable scripts, and more!

We are closely monitoring the ever-evolving situation in order to respond to the needs of our advisors and members. We will keep you up-to-date and remain here to serve you in any way possible.Thank you for your commitment to your students and to NTHS.



Peyton W. Holland
Executive Director