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Carol’s Corner

Carol’s Corner

Hello, NTHS Advisors! I’m Carol Kaczmarek, the NTHS Chapter Development Director. Welcome to the “Carol’s Corner” page. This page offers tips on how to keep your chapter thriving. Have a tip you’d like to share? Email me so I can post it here.

I’ve tried to keep this page simple, breaking down the tips into categories so you can quickly access information you need.

Be sure to also view the Advisor Checklist for valuable information.

Entering your members:

Set the deadline date for students to complete their online applications far enough in advance to give them time to do so. Two or three weeks is usually a good timeframe.

When entering members, be sure to use a unique email address for each student. Please use students’ personal email addresses and not their school email addresses. Upon graduation, many students’ school email addresses are deleted by the school, and members can no longer log in to their NTHS accounts. We want our NTHS members to be able to log in and continue to enjoy benefits as alumni members.

Proofread your entries, to be sure names are spelled correctly, and also in proper upper and lower case format.

Make sure to enter the correct graduation date for your members.

Enter and induct your members well in advance of graduation so they have plenty of time to use their NTHS benefits and apply for scholarships.

Order your memberships and graduation regalia at the same time.

Ordering tips:

As you are checking out, make sure your shipping and billing addresses are correct.

Choose the “date needed” as the day you need your order delivered. Allow enough time when received to get certificates signed and to insert the ID cards and certificates into the portfolios.

Payment tips:

Credit card is our preferred method of payment.

If you choose to be invoiced, we offer Net 30 terms to schools. Your payment is due to us no later than 30 days after the date of the invoice.

Required to use Purchase Orders? Please let us know so that we can note your account.

Chapter activities tips:

Talk with other student organizations on your campus to see what they’re doing. Perhaps a number of organizations can work together on a school or community project.

Have your members create a display case with a sample membership, posters, photos of projects, etc.

Elect officers to help keep your chapter meetings and events running smoothly.

Plan how to reach out to CTE students to encourage them to join. Have a contest to see who can recruit the most qualified candidates for the next induction.

Ask your members to brainstorm ideas for speakers for chapter meetings and inductions.

Award Honorary Memberships to those in your school and community who have supported your chapter.

Have members showcase their skills (after obtaining the necessary permissions), for example – Culinary Arts students could offer free food prep and cooking demos; Auto-tech students could present a car care workshop or auto safety tips; Cosmetology students could offer free personal care to nursing home residents, etc.

Apply for the Silver Star of Excellence Award to receive national recognition for your chapter and members.

Hang posters in all CTE classrooms and give all CTE teachers NTHS brochures.

General tips:

New chapter advisor(s)? Just email or call Carol Kaczmarek at 800-801-7090. No need to submit a new charter application.

We want to feature your chapter news and photos on our social media platforms. Send items to Tana Black, our Marketing/Social Content Director.

Follow NTHS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Remind your members to log in to access letters of recommendation and scholarship opportunities.

Draft a set of chapter by-laws.

September 2019 tip — Save money by ordering all your members’ graduation regalia and ceremonial items at one time to take advantage of our “Free Shipping on Merchandise Orders Over $150” offer.

This is a limited time special, but if you combine your chapter’s orders into one, you can save both your school and your members a lot on shipping cost!

August 2019 tip – When registering new members, please use students’ personal email addresses, not their school email addresses. Upon graduation, many students’ school email addresses are deleted, and they can no longer log in to their NTHS accounts. We want members to continue enjoying their benefits as they transition to Alumni status.