A Statement from NTHS

NTHS Family, 


We cannot put into words anything adequate enough to express our thoughts or emotions around the systemic racism and injustice that continues to impact People of Color in our country.  The extreme injustices that have taken place over the last few weeks have drawn attention to what has been often ignored or discredited.


To our members and advisors in the Black community, we see you, we hear you, and your lives matter to us.  We are here to celebrate and honor you and your talents.  We are here to be a resource to support your growth as you seek to continue your education and prepare for your career.  NTHS was founded to empower students and teachers in Career and Technical Education.  We will not stand for injustices that marginalize members of our CTE family.  We will continue to be here to serve you, celebrate you, honor you, and recognize you.


The seven character attributes that our organization is built on: Skill, Honesty, Service, Responsibility, Citizenship, Scholarship and Leadership, leave no room for the tolerance of racism and hate, but rather are the building blocks for an inclusive and powerful community that represents the future skilled workforce of our country.  We are here to lift up our members; to foster an environment that helps them explore their interests and develop their talents in the pursuit of a career they love.  We are committed to working with our chapters to ensure that we are helping to build spaces in which our members are not only able to grow, but to thrive.


Thank you to our advisors and our members for believing in one another and supporting one another through the process of attaining the knowledge and skills that will make tomorrow better than today.